Ceramic coating is great to paint protection. The coating will protect your vehicle for years. Berardi’s offers only the best ceramic coating professional products. While this may seem like an easy process that you can do on a Sunday afternoon, this is a procedure best left to professional auto detailers like Berardi’s Detailing.

Reasons to Leave Ceramic Coating to a Professional

While auto enthusiasts can purchase ceramic coating, it is not the quality that is available to professionals. Also, auto detailers know how to correctly apply the material so that there are no situations such as impaired paint or polishing issues. If you care for your vehicle, take it to a professional detailer for this type of care even though the steps may seem simple. This article is to let you know the steps that the pros take to care for your vehicle.

1. Prepping the Vehicle

The work begins with thoroughly washing the vehicle. This step is necessary whether you are getting a wax, ceramic coating, or sealant layer. This not only removes dirt but also any other contamination on the surface of the vehicle. The technician will then use a clay towel, clay bar, or mitt to further remove any unseen contaminants that are on the surface.

The next prep phase is polishing and doing any needed paint corrections. While some believe that applying a ceramic coating will remove faded paint, swirls, or scratches, this is untrue. The ceramic coating is a protectant and not something that will correct the paint. It can make them more visible. This is another reason why professionals need to do the job.

2. Cleaning with Nano-Based IPA

While IPA means isopropyl alcohol, it is not the same fluid that you find in a pharmacy. It is a special solution that includes a nano-based IPA solvent. It also contains a degreaser. When used on a vehicle surface, it can remove any oils on the vehicle’s surface. It will also make the ceramic coating adhere more effectively to the surface.

3. Conditions of Applying the Coating

There are several conditions that technicians must adhere to so that the coating is applied evenly. The first is that the bay must be dust free. Even specks of dust will adhere to the coating. Also, the coating should be applied in an environment that has less than 50% humidity and low temperatures. When looking for ceramic coating in Berwyn, PA, come get professional care.

4. Applying the Coating

After shaking the bottle and cleaning the applicator, a small amount of the coating can be applied to the sponge. The tech will then carefully apply the solution in a small two-foot by two-foot area. When bubbles appear, they will begin removing any excess solution and begin to buff the surface. Buffing with a microfiber continues until the surface is at a high shine.

When you are looking for paint protection in Delaware County, PA, come see the pros at Berardi’s Detailing. You’ll protect the finish of your vehicle and keep it looking beautiful for many years to come. Call today for an appointment.