Perhaps one of the most difficult tasks of car ownership is keeping the paint from getting dinged and chipped. It’s one of those facts of car ownership that’s difficult to avoid. While you can’t stop rocks from getting kicked up and dinging your car, you can prevent your paint from damage with paint protection film (PPF).

Getting paint protection film applied in Havertown, PA prevents your car’s paint from becoming damaged and protects it for five to 10 years after application. It keeps your car looking great, makes it easy to wash, and adds to its value when it’s time to pass it to a new owner. Here’s a look at paint protection film and what it does for your car.

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film was originally developed for the US military to protect helicopter blades from damage and premature replacement. PPF worked so well that it was applied to every last helicopter rotor in the military. Over time, the product made its way to the consumer market and auto detailers started using paint protection film in Upper Darby, PA, and other areas. Now many car owners come straight to the detailers after buying a new car to get it covered in PPF and other protective coatings.

How Paint Protection Film Works

Paint protection film is made from a flexible urethane that’s formed into a clear sheet. The sheet is then fed into a plotter that cuts the sheet into shapes that match the body panels of your car. The finished cuts are then applied to your vehicle where they are set up and adhere to your car. The film stays clear throughout the entire process and won’t affect your car’s paint job or color. PPF makes your car look shinier than it did before being protected.

PPF is a Versatile Product

You can have PPF applied to any type of paint job without worrying about the loss of its original appearance. It comes in glossy and matte finishes, protects your car’s paint from UV rays, repels water, and won’t damage your car’s paint if it’s ever removed. The film keeps your paint looking fresh and new and is easily replaced if it’s ever damaged. You can wash your vehicle the same as you would if it weren’t protected.

Why You Should Get PPF for Your Car

A large part of the beauty of a vehicle is its paint job. It’s a reflection of your tastes as a car owner, and you want to preserve it for as long as possible. Getting your car covered with PPF not only preserves the paint, it also goes a long way toward preventing scratches and chips from forming. The film wraps around the edges of the body of your car and seals to the underside, creating a barrier that prevents debris and water from getting inside. This further protects your car from rust in vulnerable areas.

Perhaps the best part about PPF is the fact that it’s invisible once it cures. No one will know that your car has been wrapped with film unless you tell them.

Berardi’s Detailing Keeps Your Car Looking Great

At Berardi’s Detailing, we’re a full-service auto detailer that goes the extra distance that automakers don’t. We perform auto detailing jobs that range from wrapping your car with paint protection film to paintless dent repair, and more. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can protect your car from damage, repair minor dents and dings, and even tint your windows.