Maintaining and cleaning your car is very important since vehicles that are taken care of last longer than those that are not. One thing that can get overlooked, though, when cleaning your car is your vehicle’s window tint if it has it. It is an essential part of vehicle care, especially for those who have invested in these services, like the high-quality window tinting services offered in West Chester, PA, by Berardi’s Detailing and Auto Body. Tinted windows not only enhance the look, feel, style, and appeal of your vehicle but also provide numerous practical benefits, such as UV protection, reduced glare, and increased privacy. To ensure that your window tints remain in pristine condition and continue to offer these very important benefits, it is extremely important to understand the correct maintenance and cleaning techniques.

Understanding Window Tinting

Before diving into maintenance and cleaning tips, it is important to understand what window tint is. Window tint is a thin laminate film that can be installed on the interior or exterior of glass surfaces in vehicles. The materials and technology used in tinting can vary, ranging from dyed films to more advanced ceramic tints. Each type has its own unique properties and care requirements.

Initial Care After Installation

Immediately after your window tint is applied, it’s important to allow it to have time to cure. This process can take up to a week or longer, depending on the climate you are living in. During this period, you should avoid rolling down your windows or using harsh cleaners since those can interfere with the adhesive as well as the drying process.

Regular Cleaning Tips

Listed below are several cleaning tips that will help you keep your window tint in great condition.

Use the Right Cleaning Solutions

Harsh chemicals can damage your window tint film. This is why it is highly recommended that you use an ammonia-free window cleaner. There are cleaners available that are specifically designed for tinted windows.

Soft Cleaning Materials

You should always use a soft microfiber cloth or a rubber squeegee for cleaning. Avoid paper towels or abrasive cloths, as they can scratch or leave lint on the tinted film.

Gentle Wiping

You need to wipe gently in one direction to avoid streaks and to prevent the edges of the tint film from lifting or peeling.

Avoid Excess Water

When cleaning your windows, be sure to avoid using too much water as it can seep into the edges of the film and possibly damage the adhesive.

Dealing with Bubbles and Peeling

Over time, it’s not uncommon for bubbles or peeling to occur, especially if the tint was not professionally installed. If you notice small bubbles, you can try to gently press them out towards the edge of the window using a credit card wrapped in a soft cloth. However, if the tint starts to peel or the bubbles are too large to fix, it’s best to seek professional help, like the window tinting services in West Chester, PA, services offered by Berardi’s Detailing and Auto Body.

Protecting Your Tint

To protect your window tint, you should avoid having sharp objects near your windows since scratches can be very difficult to repair and may require re-tinting. You should also be careful to park your vehicle in shaded areas or use a sunshade since prolonged exposure to the sun can cause the tint to fade over time. Also, regularly inspecting your window tints for any signs of wear and tear is very important. This is because early detection of issues like fading, color change, or peeling can help in taking timely corrective actions.

Professional Help

If you need window tinting in Wilmington, call the window tinting experts at Berardi’s Detailing and Auto Body today. They not only offer window tinting services but also provide expert advice and maintenance tips to ensure your tint lasts for years.