We’re like you. We love our cars and protecting them is the number one priority. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a game changer when it comes to protecting your vehicle from damage caused by rocks, nicks scratches, stone chips, and harsh environments. Think of PPF as a clear, tough bodyguard for your car’s exterior. This protective film is considered a premier choice if you are looking to preserve the original look and value of your vehicle.

Because this innovation has evolved, we are taking the time today to share the facts about this special coating. Our professional installation team is here to answer any of your questions about paint protection film in Ardmore, PA. Take a look at five common misconceptions that will change your mind.

1. Paint Protection Films Is Just For Expensive Luxury Cars

It doesn’t matter the price or value of your car. PPF can help protect it. While many car collectors and car enthusiasts who own luxury and high-end vehicles have PPF applied to their investments, this coating is ideal for any car on the road. All makes and models benefit from PPF protection. This includes resistance against rock chips, scratches, the environment, and everyday wear and tear. PPF is also an investment in your vehicle to keep it looking its best and maintain its value.

2. Paint Protection Films Changes the Car’s Appearance

Some people think that PPF will change the car’s finish or color. This is far from the truth. When applied in a clean environment by expertly trained installers, it is virtually invisible. High-quality films ensure the original color and shine are not changed. Additionally, the amazing technology built into the films includes a “self-healing” property that corrects existing minor scratches making the car’s finish look better than before the PPF was applied.

3. Paint Protection Films Can’t Be Waxed

Another misconception is that when a car has PPF applied, it becomes difficult to wash and shouldn’t have wax applied. PPFs can be waxed, which is a good idea because it adds another layer of protection to your car’s finish. Keep in mind that if your car has a PPF, it doesn’t have to be waxed to keep its original appearance.

4. Paint Protection Films Damage the Cars’ Paint And Can Never Be Removed

This common misconception is not true. The whole foundation of a PPF is to protect the paint and the car’s finish. Yes, PPF uses an adhesive that creates a tight fit on your car, but they can be carefully removed. A professional can remove them without causing any damage for paint protection in Blue Bell, PA.

5. Paint Protection Films are Just For Off Road Driving

If you drive your car through back roads and rough areas, PPF will protect the paint. It is also true that it will protect your car’s finish regardless of where you drive or park your car. Whether your car is parked in a parking lot, in your garage, or you are driving on the highways and city streets, there is always a chance to get scratched, bumped, rocked, or dinged. PPF adds a layer of protection every day, everywhere.

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