Winter in Pennsylvania brings with it wet and slushy conditions along with copious amounts of salt spread on the roads. All of these elements combine to cover your car in dirt and brine that attacks your car’s clear coat and paint, even if you get your car washed after a snowstorm. Your best line of defense against the effects of winter is to bring your vehicle to a detailer for a ceramic coating job in Collegeville, PA. Ceramic coating delivers superior paint protection and lasts for months before it needs a fresh application.

Ceramic coating your car keeps the paint looking new and fresh and slows down the effects of the environment on its surface. Here’s a look at how it works.

Why It’s Called Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is made from silicone dioxide (SiO2), or silica, and combined with different materials to achieve a specific result. A basic ceramic coating contains nano-sized particles of silica, binders, and other agents to create a thick liquid. This liquid is applied to the surface of a vehicle after a thorough cleaning, and allowed to set up for a 24-hour period.

The coating gets its name from the fact it looks like the surface of a piece of ceramic pottery after it’s been fired. That is, you see a clear, glossy finish on your vehicle that’s also hard and protective.

How Ceramic Coating Protects Your Car From Winter Weather Conditions

Commercial ceramic coating products have high concentrations of silicone dioxide, contain a UV protectant, and a strong binder that makes the product adhere to your car’s paint. The product is self-leveling, which means it bonds in a smooth layer on top of your car’s paint and won’t reveal itself to the viewer. In the meantime, the ceramic coating resists UV damage from the winter sun, prevents salt from corroding paint and metal, and provides some protection from debris flung up from the road.

Another benefit that’s provided by a ceramic coat is the fact it’s hydrophobic. That is, water beads up and runs off without any effort on your part. This makes it easier for you to clean off the remaining salt and dirt that remains on your car after you’ve been driving around in wet conditions. The paint on your vehicle is unaffected by snow, salt, and dirt and stays looking fresh.

What’s Involved in Getting Your Car Ceramic Coated

Your car has to undergo preparation prior to it being coated, and it also needs time for the coating to set up. A professional detailer gives your vehicle’s exterior a thorough cleaning and removes any dirt or debris that’s stuck to the car. Once this process has been completed, they apply the ceramic coating to your vehicle, then let it set for at least 24 hours.

Getting Permanent Paint Protection for Your Vehicle

If you want a more permanent solution for paint protection, consider having your car wrapped with PPF in Philadelphia, PA. Paint protective film creates a physical barrier between your car’s paint and debris that can chip your paint and make your car dirty. After the film adheres to your car, it becomes invisible, creates a high shine, and keeps your car looking showroom new. It also lasts for years before it needs to be redone, and outlasts a ceramic coat.

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