Your car says a lot about you, and if you want to show the world your sense of style, you’re going to want detailing done. Residents of the West Chester and King of Prussia areas can rely on the quality detailing work we do at Berardi’s Auto Detailing. Your ride is too precious to risk it at a shop that doesn’t have the best skills. At Berardi’s, we can provide you with the best options for paint protection film, ceramics, window tinting, or dent repair.

Be Careful Of Errors in PPF Application

Paint protection film (PPF) not only gives your car an amazing new look, but it protects your car’s surface from mud, stains, and scratches. However, mistakes can be made in applying PPF that make your car look less appealing. For example, unless you thoroughly clean the surface of your car before applying PPF, it will look permanently dirty. Every piece of dirt or dust remaining on your car’s surface will show through the PPF.

Some people try to cut corners and apply paint only to the front of the car, and to the areas around the wheels. But, that is an error, because unless PPF is applied to the entire surface of the car, it won’t properly stick to the car. PPF was not designed to be partially applied. If you do skip some parts of your car, the PPF that was applied won’t work as effectively as it should.

Don’t Waste Time or Money

Although it’s normal to want to save money, don’t choose a PPF solely on price. If you choose the lowest-priced PPF, it is likely to flake, bubble, or fade in color when the sun hits it. Money isn’t the only thing people may try to save when applying PPF. Some places may rush the process to save you time – but a properly applied film takes time.

Part of the reason it takes time to properly apply is that it must adhere precisely to the car’s exterior. Any irregularities can cause the film to bubble or to have a shorter life span. There may be visible seams in the film which will take away from the sleek new surface you’re looking for. It’s in your best interest to seek a professional to apply PPF, ceramic coating, or window tinting to ensure a professional will do your detailing the way your car deserves.

Why You Need a Professional Detailer

One of the common places that PPF is improperly applied by less-skilled workers is the irregularity of corner or edge shapes. In these locations, the film must be stretched precisely to adhere to the surface. Pressing too lightly could result in the film not sticking well enough. Pressing too firmly can stretch the PPF too far, and weaken it.

At Berardi’s Detailing & Auto Body, we’ve proudly served over 10,000 car owners like you who are looking for trained auto detailing specialists who know how to avoid those common errors. Our experienced staff will ensure your car’s surface is completely ready for the application of PPF. We know the right type of PPF film for your car and we’ll apply it with the proper precision it needs. If you want quality paint protection services in West Chester, PA, you’ll find what you need at Berardi’s Detailing & Auto Body.

Call Berardi’s For Professional Auto Detailing Services

Some drivers prefer a harder protective surface for their cars. An auto ceramic coating is the hardest and most long-lasting protection from dirt and other environmental contamination. Getting an application of ceramic coating at our King of Prussia, PA shop leaves your car with a glossy surface and years of resilient protection. Contact Berardi’s Detailing & Auto Body today to give your car the look and protection it deserves.