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Berardi’s Detailing is your premium source when you are looking for a “ceramic coating near me”. We’re a professional installer of ceramic 9h Protective coating. When we’re finished with the application, your car will be protected for years to come. It will look like it’s always been there but with the bonus of looking phenomenal. 

Our shop features a state-of-the-art facility that we keep exceptionally clean to ensure no debris, particles, or any other contaminants end up under the surface of your newly installed auto ceramic coating. The product we use outclasses all the competition with its gorgeous shine. Unlike alternatives like wax and sealants, our coating won’t wash off or wear away within a few months. Instead, it will continue providing that detailed shine for years, protecting your car from road hazards.

Ceramic Coating Installers Near Me

While there are several options for ceramic car coating near me, you want the best service available. This includes a high-end product that will deliver fantastic protection for your car’s paint job. Our ceramic coating protects against hazards like scratches, bird droppings, aging, bugs, road salt, and graffiti. In addition, it will make your paint resistant to chemicals, UV damage, thermal damage, oxidation, and corrosion.

Ceramic coating will make your car’s paint job protected while delivering a stunning appearance. You’ll also enjoy a faster drying period, as water will quickly bead up and slide off the car’s surface, preventing potential marring from occurring.

Ceramic Coating Will Protect Against Sun Damage & Chemical Stains

In addition to ceramic coating, we’re the leading source of paint protection film near me. This film will protect the leading edge of your car’s paint, keeping it safe from stone chips, and knicks.

Ceramic coating is especially hard, rating higher than the pencil test’s highest value of 9H. If you maintain this coat properly, it will stay this hard for years, protecting your car from sun damage and chemical stains and keeping it looking as good as the day you bought it. 

Your car will always look great while being protected from life’s hazards. 

Berardi’s Detailing provides the best ceramic coating services near me. If you’re looking for a ceramic coating shop near me, contact our team today!