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In Philadelphia, car owners look for a reliable window tinting service. Vehicles that don’t have window tinting run the risk of upholstery or other plastics discoloration or warping in the sun. If you tint your car’s windows, you will extend the appearance of your vehicle for many added years. In addition, people like window tinting because it blocks out the glare of the sun while driving. Window tinting is just one of the car detailing in Philadelphia services provided by Berardi’s Detailing. 

Legalities of Window Tinting in Philadelphia 

There are specific laws in each state regarding the darkness of window tinting on a vehicle. In Philadelphia, the windshield and side windows must permit over seventy percent lightness inside. Any darker may be on the top three inches of the windshield. The back side and rear windows may have any shade of darkness used. 

Before installing any window tinting check with all local and state laws. Berardi’s Detailing knows what these laws are and will advise you accordingly when you request services. Once the window tint has been installed you and your passengers will experience a renewed sense of security and privacy. 

Car Window Tinting Offers Many Benefits Including UV Protection & Privacy

Car owners in Philadelphia seek window tinting to give the occupants riding inside a sense of security and privacy. Vehicle tint comes in a broad range of shading options. The darker the window tinting the more privacy you and others inside will have. Another plus is when you leave your car in the parking lot, nobody can see what good you have inside. Thus, protecting any valuables from the watchful eyes of would-be criminals. 

Window tinting in Philadelphia is done for more reasons than aesthetic purposes. When you tint your car’s windows, you are taking measures to guard not only your car but also the others inside.

Besides offering a sense of security and privacy, window tinting protects against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Products used in window tinting are designed to reflect and absorb ultraviolet sun rays and avert entrance inside a vehicle. Depending on the tint, as much as ninety-nine percent of UV rays will be blocked. Allowing you and your occupants to relish the ride without fear of exposure to UV radiation.

We Provide High-Quality Window Tinting Services

Berardi’s Detailing is a car detailing business in Philadelphia that provides quality window tinting services. Contact us when you are ready to give your vehicle the augmentation of window tinting. In addition, for further protection of your car, inquire about our quality ceramic coating in Philadelphia. Send a request for our quality window tinting services by contacting us to schedule an appointment. Don’t delay, contact us today, a safer and more secure ride is awaiting you!

Berardi's was awarded "BEST OF PHILLY" in Philadelphia Magazine

Berardi's was awarded First Place in the Daily Local News Reader's Choice Awards