Window Tinting

Window Tinting at Berardi’s

  • Window tinting reduces the amount of heat entering your vehicle
  • Protection from harmful UV Rays
  • Fading damage from the sun’s intense rays is reduced
  • Increased safety and comfort from reduced glare

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We only use the highest quality films.

If you are looking for high quality window tinting-look no further!

Berardi’s skilled window tinting professionals give you the best value for your money, satisfaction guaranteed.  We use the highest quality window tinting, and we make sure the job is done right the first time. All window tinting at Berardi’s comes with a lifetime warranty.

Window tinting is more than just an aesthetic addition to your car or truck. It can offer many excellent benefits you wouldn’t otherwise experience, including a safer driving experience due to reduced glare. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the interior of your car being damaged by harmful UV rays, as this protective coating will filter them. The car window tinting will protect your skin from sun exposure.  Berardi’s only offers the highest quality window tinting available on the market.  Our technicians have over 25 years of experience.

If you want your car or truck to look amazing and enjoy all these great benefits, you need premium window tinting installed. Reach out to Berardi’s Detailing today for more information on the options available to choose which will best suit your needs and make your car look great.

Window Tinting Offers UV Protection

Automotive window films can block over 99% of UVA+B rays, protecting both the interior of your vehicle and you as you drive.

Window Tinting Offers Glare Control

Window Tinting can reduce glare by as much as 80% creating a much safer driving environment in strong sun, snow or rear headlight glare.

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Why should I Tint My Windows?

There are several reasons to tint your windows:

  • Window tinting reduces the amount of heat entering your vehicle, significantly reducing interior temperature.
  • Protection from harmful UV Rays.
  • Fading damage from the sun’s intense rays is reduced.
  • Increased safety and comfort from reduced glare and temperature.
  • Enhanced Vehicle appearance.
  • Protection of your investment.
  • Increased ease of use of GPS navigation equipment.
Kurt Doten
Kurt Doten
I’ve been doing business with Berardi’s for 5 years. They do quality work and my truck looks as good as the day I bought it. I will definitely continue bringing all my vehicle’s to Berardi’s.
Vincent Fung
Vincent Fung
Mike and their team did an excellent job. Although the back window in the Miata is not very easily accessible, Berardi managed to find a way to make it happen and completed the job quickly and professionally. The Berardi team was also very friendly and welcoming. Pricing is very reasonable and I would definitely recommend going with a ceramic tint to provide heat rejection to truly protect your interior. I can confidently say that I will be bringing all my other vehicles to Berardi in the future. Thank you!
Stephen Schmid (Steveo)
Stephen Schmid (Steveo)
10/10 job , money well spent. Berardi’s got me in last minute locking me in for a full detail and I could not be more pleased. Friendly staff, focused and business driven. If you care about your paint and want someone with the proper tools look no further. 💯
John R
John R
Awesome job. The car looks brand new.
O'Neill Gatta
O'Neill Gatta
Got my Jetta tinted here, no bubbles, nice owner, and highest quality film
Blaine Schrader
Blaine Schrader
They were easy to do business with, had a drop off option that was convenient, and the car looks amazing!
Mike always does a great job. Prompt, courteous, and efficient!
Linda Bacon
Linda Bacon
Car looked amazing! They do great work. Highly recommend.
L Moore
L Moore
Mike was great! Excellent customer service and quick turnaround. Vehicle looks really good.